([identity profile] wrote in [personal profile] petitebelette 2011-09-29 08:10 pm (UTC)

Wow, this is gorgeous. I always felt like Damon and Anna were underexplored, because they are both the survivors of this whole 1864 disaster. Neither have moved on, they still live for what went down, and they cross paths in their unrelenting desire to fix what happened, because their lives have been on hold since. Damaged people (vampires). Love them.

Your writing style is beautiful, and it really suits Anna. She's not flashy or dramatic or loud, but she sees things, and she understands things. Her simultaneous fascination and condescension towards Damon is so fitting, because she's older and stronger and often smarter then him, but he's also Damon, and he has this appeal to him. And they're kindred spirits, controlled by someone they love and willing to be controlled because of that great love. This is such excellent writing. I'm so glad I found this story! Hope to find more from you soon.

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