ext_149038 ([identity profile] boggie.livejournal.com) wrote in [personal profile] petitebelette 2011-11-04 07:16 am (UTC)

/raises hand

I did!

As much as I've loved the previous episodes of overt shippy-ness, I also feel like a lot of this season has felt contrived. (Probably for, in part, that reason.) This episode didn't feel contrived in the slightest, and neither did this scene. At all.

This. This. Can I just say this is really refreshing to hear. This season has been contrived, and I think a lot of my passive agressive grumbling has been because sometimes it felt like Delena was being force fed to season three, like some gingerbread-house-living witch was trying to fatten it up to roast or something. Just my opinion, I don't mean that Delena is bad in essence, but how it was dealt with this season...not so much for me.

ANYWAY. This episode, I just...felt very at peace, supportive of everything Damon and Elena chose to be which, AS YOU WELL KNOW, has not been common lately. Anyway, yeah. Love and appreciation for genuine exchanges and not so aggressive shippery.

Also, everything you said about Rebekah. Because she is my heart rn. Siblings forever and ever and ever.

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