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God, who read all that? -- I DID. I READ ALL OF FUCKING THAT.

However, in any kind of fiction anywhere it doesn't really bother me unless I actively think about it. I'm kind of just, do they have the best chemistry? SHIP SHIP SHIP SHIP. -- Yes yes everything what you say.

Can I just say that Damon and Elena's interactions this episode were so pitch-perfect? -- Yes you may say that and I will stand right next to you saying it. Just. FLAWLESS. Everything I have ever wanted for them.

Right off, we all agree Mikael is kind of a huge abusive douche, right? -- Mmhmmm. Not as awful as first made out, but still. Team Klaus, lmao.

Elena has to help Stefan because she loves him, not because she wants to be with him. -- IA. I don't think it's ever been just about getting her bf back. It's about loyalty.

Anyone who goes on about Damon's decision-making skills and desperate attempts at saving Elena's life against her will in season two? Yeah well, you're right. I will not defend his decisions, which were at best unacceptable, but those were extenuating circumstances. Now? It's all about the teamwork, baby. -- No argument here. Was never thrilled by Damon's S2 actions, obvs, but… You kinda have to take into account that he was in maybe the worst mental state of his existence last season (apart from the time of his death). Just found out the switch doesn't work anymore, suicidally depressed, and then with the history repeating and the girl he loves being hunted by some dick AGAIN--Damon's crazy was about way more than Elena there. It's about frame of mind.

Oh in a sad, twisted, Damonish way he really did kill Lexi to protect Stefan, didn't he? -- OH.

Shipping Rebeklaus until the very end. Of the universe. -- AMEN.

You're all or nothing, man. You can't just... be. Although who am I to judge?" Thank you, show. Thank you, Damon. -- BEST LINE OF THE NIGHT.

You love him, but you don't know him. -- This has got me thinking. Because, well, I'm sure plenty would argue with you there. ;) What does it mean, to ~know~ someone? I can't deny that Elena is one of the closest people to Stefan, and they are obviously very emotionally intimate, but then you have moments like "I know you better than anyone" which, honestly? That shit doesn't fly. If you "know" someone so well, you don't keep aggressively TELLING them who they are. That's one of my main beefs with E/S, how Elena consistently denies Stefan's bad parts, e.g. "this isn't you" etc. which will never be anything but a reinforcement of conditional love to me. But, IDK. That's just me.

I love that this is not about him falling into some moralistic trap imposed on him by others and then by himself… Finally someone - and it's rightly Damon - is telling him to do something and choose something for his goddamn self. THANK YOU, SHOW. -- ALL OF THIS. ALL OF FUCKING THIS. UGLY CRYING.

When Stefan makes the quip about Damon's humanity showing, and how Damon just snaps and roughs him up... /sits consumed with emotions. -- THAT DID THINGS TO MY SOUL. I just want to wrap these two fucking assholes in blankets and feed them tea, ffs.

I sat there in awe watching the scene, to be completely honest. In complete awe. I think it might be my favorite scene to date. -- OMG ME TOO. I just. Indescribable emotion. TBH I think some of their more sexually-charged scenes this season have lacked the heart I initially fell for back in S1? (But, you know, still faaaaaar down the list of things not quite right with this season, baha.) But THIS. It's beautiful, quiet, COMPASSIONATE scenes like this that make these idiots special.

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