ext_35007 ([identity profile] petitebelette.livejournal.com) wrote in [personal profile] petitebelette 2011-11-04 03:18 pm (UTC)

Mmhmmm. Not as awful as first made out, but still. Team Klaus, lmao.

Basically that. I carry around a little flag and everything.

IA. I don't think it's ever been just about getting her bf back. It's about loyalty.
This has got me thinking. Because, well, I'm sure plenty would argue with you there. ;) What does it mean, to ~know~ someone? I can't deny that Elena is one of the closest people to Stefan, and they are obviously very emotionally intimate, but then you have moments like "I know you better than anyone" which, honestly? That shit doesn't fly. If you "know" someone so well, you don't keep aggressively TELLING them who they are. That's one of my main beefs with E/S, how Elena consistently denies Stefan's bad parts, e.g. "this isn't you" etc. which will never be anything but a reinforcement of conditional love to me. But, IDK. That's just me.

MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. Epic love, my butt. (Not theirs in particular, just in general.) That's me, too. It's just the truth. If you tell someone how they are or should be, you don't know them. You just can't, not fully. I too will not argue the fact that Elena has seen and experienced parts of Stefan no one else has and vice versa, but c'mon gurl. THAT'S NOT ALL THERE IS, and denying that is helping nobody, not her and not Stefan.

THAT DID THINGS TO MY SOUL. I just want to wrap these two fucking assholes in blankets and feed them tea, ffs.


TBH I think some of their more sexually-charged scenes this season have lacked the heart I initially fell for back in S1? (But, you know, still faaaaaar down the list of things not quite right with this season, baha.) But THIS. It's beautiful, quiet, COMPASSIONATE scenes like this that make these idiots special.

UGH, YES. It was all sex and no this. Which I suppose in a way makes some sense, considering Elena has been gung-ho about avoiding just that.

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