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Hello! So [ profile] ljsever_neutral quoted your "everything is incest and nothing hurts," and I figured, anyone who believes that must be awesome, so I came over here and read ALL OF THIS. AND THEN CHEERED. So many feelings, and I can't cope.

They act like twelve-year-olds with crushes, the best two-man Scooby Gang ever, and forever friends with sexual tension all at once.

Why I love them so very much. They're so ridiculous and childish with each other one moment and then they're all understanding and soul-seeing the next. THESE TWO.

And we all agree Rebekah is the most wonderful, right?

I've pretty much spent the last twelve hours shouting my absurd love for Rebekah from the (internet) rooftops. She is pure perfection.

OMG DEFAN THEY RULE MY HEART. They are all I want from this show. These brothers, just...asdfghjkl;//

Remember that time I said Damon would be the one to save Stefan? Yeah, and he knows it too.

This is the BEST possible outcome from this storyline, and I literally can't believe I'm getting everything I ever hoped for. I was genuinely worried that we were going to have to watch Elena's *love* for Stefan pull him back from the edge, but NO. Instead, we get Damon's love for Stefan (and Stefan's love for Damon) situating him comfortably ON the edge. Oh, show, you get it. Elena finally gets it, we all get it. THIS SHOW IS ABOUT DEFAN. And all is right with the world.

Shipping Rebeklaus until the very end. Of the universe.


Finally someone - and it's rightly Damon - is telling him to do something and choose something for his goddamn self.

Perfect sentence is perfect. YES TO EVERYTHING.


BROKE MY HEART. This girl, seriously. Where have you been, Claire Holt? She is wonderful. Rebekah is so, so fantastic. Her crying on the floor just killed me. Never, ever leave, Rebekah.

I love love love the level of comfort between Elena and Damon. It is hands down my favorite thing about them this season. Because they have so many reasons to be awkward or uncomfortable or resentful, and instead they just work together, because they fit, and they can't help themselves from falling back into this relationship, over and over again. My ship, it is glorious.

For her to believe in not only both of them, but both of them as brothers. Someone has to. And I think it's the ultimate proof of how much she loves them both.

JUST YES SO MUCH. I can add nothing. I can just cheer. CHEERING.

Sorry I fangirled all over this post. I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.

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