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I READ ALL OF IT. I'm a little late on the uptake, but I read every word because you speak the TRUUUTH.

(Even if the history of this is so wrong it hurts.)

The Vampire Diaries: Just go with it.

Someone call Social Services on this bag of dicks.

BAHAHA I have never heard this turn of phrase before. I find it perversely hilarious. Bag of dicks. I'm stealing that.

Oh in a sad, twisted, Damonish way he really did kill Lexi to protect Stefan, didn't he? He looks at this whole set-up and he's thinking, 'This is nonsense.'

All of this, yes. Honestly, it's sobering to realize it. Makes me want to go back and watch all the Lexi eps again and really LOOK at Damon in them. Because, yeah. Damon just wanted to protect his brother. (And be a asshole, but whatev.)

"You don't know anything about who he really is." Oh, Elena. I love you, doll. And your constant and complete faith in your image of Stefan is sweet but tarnished, and yet you still hold onto it. I get it. But you don't know who Stefan really is, not really, not the darker parts. Not the parts he has spent so much time keeping from you because no one has accepted them before. Because he hasn't accepted them of himself. (Thanks, Lexi.) You love him, but you don't know him.

WHOA, HIVE MIND ATTACKS. I just said something along these lines to [ profile] softly_me a little while ago. I think Elena knows Stefan, but not better than anyone, and certainly not as well as she claims to. In order for that to happen she needs to accept him, even the dirty parts, and she still has not done that. I cannot blame her for it. She really loves him. She champions him. But she has not accepted him, and therein lies the problem.

SCREAMING DURING THIS DEFAN SCENE. Where the hell do I even start? DAMON, TELLING STEFAN TO GET MAD ENOUGH AND FIGHT BACK? TO STOP THIS GIVING-UP CRAP? THAT HE THOUGHT STEFAN JUST NEEDED A HUG? Paul and Ian play off each other so well; so why do we see so little of them like this lately? But this isn't the time to complain, this is a time to scream.

The whole episode you can just see it happening. See Damon chipping away at Stefan, opening his eyes to how much of Klaus's bitch he is acting and does he really want that? I LOVE THIS. I love that this is not about him falling into some moralistic trap imposed on him by others and then by himself. THIS IS ABOUT STEFAN. THIS IS ABOUT STEFAN AND GIVING HIM THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. After seven episodes, after two seasons, after 145 years of people telling Stefan what he has to be in order to be accepted and loved, finally. Finally someone - and it's rightly Damon - is telling him to do something and choose something for his goddamn self. THANK YOU, SHOW.


That what truly matters is how much Damon and Stefan love each other; that'll be what saves them. For her to believe in not only both of them, but both of them as brothers. Someone has to. And I think it's the ultimate proof of how much she loves them both.

/BRB Shaking and Crying

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