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STAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHP IT!!! You ship ALL THE SHIPS like I DO!!!! Honestly, I was wondering if it was possible that i was the only one that died over every ship like this. But they ALL have a special place in my heart!


Oh, DAMON/STEFAN. It's just like......hundreds of years of angst and devotion and commitment and hate and LOVE and THEY NEVER LEAVE EACH OTHER, they die for each other over and over, and they KILL for each other over and over, and Damon CAN'T handle being loved like that. (SO TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!) and just.....uggggggggggggggh they KILL me.


OMG, YES! The idiot ship! NOW I have a name for it! 'Cuz I've been wanting to see Elena finally do this thing for EVER now. She won't let herself just LOVE him. Even though EVERYONE knows she does. The least she could do is screw him! God, their FEELINGS w/o actions are making me have nervous breakdowns. At least Damon/Stefan fight out their frustration!


I LOVE them together because they're like....football buds, but with killing instead. And everyone knows football buds give each other handjobs over beer and corn chips, as they share intimate bro talk about "the little lady" and the fam. They're immature and snotty and I LOVE it!


Elena was "working out with Alaric". Really, show? REALLY???? Ugh, you just KNOW they have slow, guilt ridden, but rough sex, where elena can "channel her frustration" and Alaric can "take care of her" like a good man should. IT WRITES ITSELF!!!!!!!!!!!


DUDE! I was pleasantly surprised by all of the LOVELY Jyler in this episode! "Tyler's outside, i can't keep him waiting"? SHOW, HOW DO YOU DO IT?????? Imply these things with the most obvious lines imaginable!!!!!


THANK GOD I'm not the only one that ships them. After that whole bit with the *friendship* and Klaus's being such a NEEDY motherfucker, i was like "Dude, they're totally fucking!!!!! Klaus gets Stefan on his knees like a good little henchman, because he has his needs, and of course Stefan does it with a scowl on his face, but does it anyway because Damon isn't there to keep him satisfied!!!! NEW SHIP FTW!" And it was VALIDATED FOR ME!!!!! THANK YOU SHOW, THANK YOU!


Ugh, see yeah, he totally fucked her. He TOTALLY fucked her so hard, too. I know because he LOVES her. And they spent THOUSANDS of years together. And the only person he's ever been so invested in is his lover....I mean, sister. Sigh.....so nice to be on the same page.


Dude....I KNOW you caught this. It couldn't have just been me. It was short, but it was there and I questioned it. (I pretty much ship Klaus/everyone though. I even thought up a little Klaus/Damon hate sex for a minute there. ...And some D/s Klaus/Tyler *shifty eyes*)


OF COURSE I was crying with them. I always cry with them! I'm NEVER a proponent of the "original" ship, you know, the one that the show generally wants everyone to root for? (though tvd seems to want everyone to ship EVERYONE with EVERYONE) But Stefan/Elena always get me in the gut, because they honestly have done so much for each other. She's basically given her whole life for him and he's gone through so much pain for her, and they just....they can never get that back, what they had, and that shits kind of sad, okay???? *sniff sniff*


Yes, I already wrote about them. BUT THERE IS SO MUCH OF THEM!!!!! AND I ADORE IT!!!!! All of the lines are just....UGH. *stop saving me* just....it hit me right THERE, man!



One of these days I'm gonna make a web of this but for now....I ship:

Damon/Alaric/Elena/Stefan/Klaus/Rebekah and


SORRY BONNIE, BOO! (I sometimes ship you and Elena but I wasn't feeling it this week!)

BTW......Brain twins on everything yo! Just thought I'd add my two cents! :D

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