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Caroline/Klaus. STUNNED. But also not really. I'm never surprised by the pairings that happen on this show anymore. Like, Jeremy and Alaric could start having (textual) sexual tension AND I WOULD NOT BE SURPRISED. This show.

Does Caroline remind Klaus of Rebekah?

IN ONE, dude. I mean, I really can't buy that Klaus has any interest in Caroline in herself. Well, I'm sure she finds her INTERESTING, but no more interesting than a bajillion other women he could be wooing. IT'S 'CAUSE SHE REMINDS HIM OF REBEKAH.

I can never quite tell when Klaus is being genuine or pretending to be and that's the big point

YES. Throughout that whole scene he was simultaneously being a humongous troll and also 100% sincere. IT WAS MASTERFUL.

Yes to your whole Elena/Stefan section. I HAVE NEVER LOVED THEM MORE.

I just in general also love the show calling out compulsion as taking choices and agency away in no uncertain terms.

PREACH. But I LOVE that even though the narrative confirmed that it was wrongwrongwrong, the characters still went through with it anyway, because it's not that simple. It's not cut-and-dried, and I love the show for that.

Can I say I love drunk Elena?

Yes you may say it and I will stand right next to you saying it. This has been a good season for that too. What is this, like, the third time? {hearts}

AND ELENA/MATT. I am having feelings for the first time in EVER. WHAT HAS THIS EPISODE DONE TO ME.

Maybe I should just leave this to ever_neutral to give my feelings thoughts but I'll stab at it.

HAHAHA NO GIRL I appreciate you talking for me. Because, I LIKE YO THOUGHTS. Great point about Elena's incredulous expression. Is it weird how I love that they're totally ships in the night who just keep passing each other by? (yes, I have been listening to that song too much.) Which leads me to this prediction: SHE'S GONNA GET BACK WITH MATT. no but actually though. Why else would we have this influx of Elena/Matt scenes? Elena's not ready for Damon, so she's gonna try to ~start anew~ with Matt, and shit is gonna happen. WHAT SAY YOU?

Although it's a little about Stefan, because she still loves his self-destructive ass. Even though he's kind of an ass, it's true. Although it's a nice ass. Kinda boney for my taste though.


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