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I ACTUALLY AGREE WITH EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR THOUGHTS? IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I HAVE AGREED WITH EVERY SINGLE ONE OF ANYONE'S THOUGHTS ON THIS SHOW. But seriously, word to all the Klaus/Caroline stuff (there's been so much fic and gif-fing that I found myself delighted by the fact that so many people must've been totally been happy about this).

LMAO, TOTALLY SAID THAT THINK ABOUT ONE BRATTY BLONDE TEEN BEING LIKE ANOTHER. But, now, after all the interview reading, I think I can see it a little. Like, it came out of nowhere after having been fanon for so long, but I can see where it CAN go. I think I agree that Klaus has some initial nefarious plan that he's trying to get Caroline on his side for, but I don't think it needs to stay that way? Like, even after a bajillion years it's possible to develop an interest in someone because of something that you understand about them, even if it's not obvious. I mean ditto S/E/D; there's nothing particularly special about Elena herself in the context of other girls in Mystic Falls, but for Stefan and Damon (who've both also lived a good long while) their transference issues became something else entirely related to who SHE is. These girls are worth knowing, and in my headcanon there's no way that anyone can know either w/o falling in love with them /stan.

ALSO, DRUNK!ELENA. I mean, I obviously have a thing for her considering that I write her in all my fics, so the cute flirty thing with Matt (along with the stunning last scene) APPROVE MUCHLY.

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