([identity profile] wrote in [personal profile] petitebelette 2012-01-15 03:53 am (UTC)

OOOH, THANK YOU FOR SHARING WITH ME. Innnnnnteresting. ITA about Elena. She really would rather believe that she holds no culpability in this thing with Damon. Which is totally understandable, because this thing with Damon is awful, lol. (And also why Damon takes it upon himself to be the bad guy sometimes. See: the kiss.) I forgot to talk about this in my review, but I totally giggled when Elena kept saying "I can't" -- even after Damon said he wasn't planning to kiss her again! It was adorbs, and sounded like she was just having a conversation with herself. All the while staring at his mouth. :) I can't with these fools sometimes.

Agreed about Damon too. I suppose it's weird that he's so chill now, but. It's been confirmed that this thing with Elena is not just in his head now! THIS IS EVERYTHING. And I'd argue that it in fact has nothing to do with being "worthy" of Elena, even. Damon doesn't think of love in those terms. (Most of his "I don't deserve you" back in S2 came from the belief that he'd never be able to earn his forgiveness for snapping Jeremy's neck. But now that their friendship has been repaired, all is well.) The only thing that matters is that Elena feels what he feels. They can be undeserving wretches together. :) (Hence why "I like you now" was so important to their construction.)

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